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Welcome to our Uncencored Chat!
Cause recovery can't be serious all the time!
From AA's Rule 62!

Advantages of Recoveryllama Uncensored Chat

~Almost impossible to get banned from the Uncensored Chat. You'd have to really want it.

~Religion? Politics? Sure, whatever! But people will sure tell you if they aren't interested.

~Enjoy fun features like GIFs, doodles, picture uploads, avatars.

~You can use your entire vocabulary. Even THOSE words.

~Principles over personalities. We try not to take things personally here. You shouldn't get banned because a moderator simply hates you.

~No expectation of "loyalty." Encourages sharing of all online resources. This is just one of many chats. We encourage chatting elsewhere if you need something different than what we have to offer. We encourage "multi-chatting" - being at multiple spots at once. Want links to other chats or other meetings? Just ask, it's okay here. Share your recovery related links if it helps someone. That's why we're here, to help, not hinder.

~Honest and transparent!! Some other chats lack this honesty. This chat program has an option for Moderators/Admins to turn INVISIBLE. So they do not appear on the name list. Some chat owners/mods HIDE in this status around the clock, waiting for a chatter to say something disagreeable so they can override their visible mods and pounce on the unsuspecting chatter. WE DONT DO THAT HERE. The mods/admin will chat amongst the chatters, not hide from them til there's a chance to consequence them from the shadows, like some kind of twisted virtual batman-wannabe.

Who chats here? Am I welcome here? Is this chat for me?
Here are some of the fellowships and "groups" chatters belong to here...

AA ~ the "original" 12 Step Program - Alcoholics Anonymous
Al-Anon ~ 12 Step Program for Family and Friends of Alcoholics
ACA ~ 12 Step Program for Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families
GA ~ 12 Step Program for Gamblers Anonymous
NA ~ 12 Step Program for Narcotics Anonymous folks. Stepchat offers more safety, we offer more freedom of speech. They go there for one thing, here for another. Or they're banned. castaways. Some of us chatted at before one of the owners had a fit and closed down the chatroom. So now we come here or use the uncensored room.

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